Sunday, December 11, 2016

December! Updated.

Wow it has been awhile since I last updated! I plan on trying to stay on top of the blog with new items posted every Friday.  Here is the latest in the shop right now and if you have any questions about them please call Frank @ 202/8336.  
Small Wooden Side Table - $65.00

Wooden Side Table $55.00

Antique Fainting Couch.  The color is a pain green. - $750.00

Vintage Bar/Counter $1,550.00

Vintage Parlor Table - $95

Vintage Parlor Table - $95

Secretary Shelf/Desk - $125

Vintage Shelf - $48

Small Wooden Dresser - Painted - $85

Vintage Half Round Hall Table - $65

Small Blue Wooden Chest - $65

Vintage China Cabinet - $295

Small Side Table - $65

Side Table - $65

Dark Oak Corner Hutch - $350

8 Gallon Crock - $75

Solid Wood Round Coffee Table 

1950s Table - Red - $295

Solid Wood Buffet - $295

Off White Wooden Desk - $85

Solid Wood Kitchen Table - $95

Antique Fainting Couch - $99.00

Off White Wooden Shelf $40

This is a beautiful sign made from a vintage door - $195
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Closer Look...

It's no surprise that I love taking photos of the vintage items at Herb's.  Today I found so many wonderful littler treasures around the shop and wanted to share them with you.  As always if you see anything you like please call Frank @ 515-202-8336 or stop by! 

Gathering up all the little items was fun, I set up my space by the window of course and this rustic door and old box ended up being the perfect spot.

These are two little figurines, I can only imagine the story behind them.

Very small vintage bowl that would be perfect for holding rings by the sink.

These are beautiful glass door knobs that almost look like diamond earrings :-)
This is a very interesting little caddy that has been created out of old metal.  A great upcycle. 

Vintage outlet covers, we have two of these.
Gorgeous hinge on a rustic old door we have in right now.
This is a teeny tiny car my daughter found in a box that came from the auction. It made an appearance in quite a few photos today.
Vintage cameras have a special place in my heart, I cannot pass up getting them or photographing them.

Old jars with the glass lids are so pretty.

We get new items in on an almost daily basis.  Stop by an take a look.