Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!

Just a lovely little tune, by two ADORABLE people!
Happy New Year!!!

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Have a great day!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Open New Year's Day!!

Just a little reminder we will be open Sunday, New Year's Day!  We will be open normal hours Sunday - Friday as well this week.  We have so many unique items in the shop right now... one item I love is a very unique vanity.  You don't want to miss this one it won't last long.  It is posted here on the blog in the "Fresh Picked" section.

"Fresh Feature"... I will post again some of the items that we have had for awhile and are still available in the shop! 

Today it is this vintage school desk!  It is so cute and is a nice peachy/pink and comes with a cute little chair!  It is still available come by and take a look!

Home Ideas/Cozy/Vintage...

I posted a new blog on Boomberry  my photography blog  where I post when I am not posting to Herb's Salvage... Come on over and check it out! Thanks and HAPPY FRIDAY


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fresh Picked/Thursday - Vintage Goodness

Here we go straight off the truck!  Come by and take a look, we have so many unique pieces.

 Might sneak in a few more later this evening! Happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Retro Table and Chairs/Vintage Furniture

We are stocked full of vintage goodness!!  We have dressers, tables, hutches, and MUCH MORE!  This post is filled with detailed pictures of some of our lovely furniture, and there will be another post today with all of our "Fresh Picked" Items.  We are excited about them too, we have three beautiful gold mirrors, and an amazing vanity just to name a few.

Chairs and table are sold separately, but they look gorgeous as a set!

 Vintage books!  We also have quite a few funky little storage solutions.  Little boxes, crocks and wire baskets...

 Even though the majority of items we get are furniture, we do get other items as well.  I wanted to take a minute to feature these binoculars.  They are like brand new and have the box!

These are small chairs for children, they would look fabulous painted in all different bright/bold colors!  

  This is a lovely Stereoscope it is a little beat up, but it has several very unique cards with it.  Such a conversation piece.

Vintage little server trays - 4 cups and 4 plates.  There are two sets of these, they would be perfect for a little New Year's Eve party, or shower!

This was our creamy yellow wardrobe, but it was a bit too shabby.  It is now a lovely shade of antique white, a very soft creamy tone still.

Had to sneak in a photo of my daughter and I, we barely have any!  Happy Snuggles...

 These are very interesting little pieces.  They are vintage Avon perfume bottles, some of the packaging is adorable along with the little bottles themselves.  There are over 70 different pieces and almost all of them have the box!  The box in some cases are so charming!

 Stay tuned for Fresh Picked Items on the blog today!!!