Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fresh Picked for you!

Plenty of new items added to the shop!  Open Mon-Fri 9-5

Pretty SHARP looking chair!  $40

Great Bench - Opens up for storage - $50

We have many decorative items - Photo taken by local photographer $16

Distressed Green Shelf - $35

Two Chairs $15 ea.

Art - Photo taken in MO $20

Airbrush set - used one time - $35

Shabby Shabby CHIC!!!  This is such a great little children's table.  Needs TLC - $40

Children's Rocking Bench - $25

Car Stereo - Never been used - $35

Twin Girl bedding (one pillow sham) (comforter) $10

Vintage Table with 4 Chairs - $75

Take a closer look!  Cream with wooden top

For further information contact Frank @ 202-8336
Herb's Salvage

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fresh Items

New items added to the shop daily!  Here are the latest ones...

Small children's desk



Lovely Mirror


Brass Bed very substantial and beautiful


Farm Kitchen Chair - a set of two

Solid wood bed -

Rocking chair circa 1920


more chairs

Kid's Stuff



Side Table


Small set of dishes


Teacup Cupcake Holder-

Open Daily

3940 E. 29th St. unit #1
Des Moines, IA 50131

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Herb's Salvage has been adding new items almost daily!  These are some of the newer items we have added to the store.  Come by and take a look, great prices and unique items.

TIP:  looking to add interst to a coffee table?  How about scrabble letters found at the thrift store, dumped into a glass blottle!  I love the way it looks and you can have fun by dumping it out and spelling words.  Great conversation starter.