Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catching up.. Fresh Picked!!

Some weeks are so busy you just can't catch your breath!  This has been one of those weeks for me...  Frank has been STOCKING up on all kinds of fabulous furniture.  Right now we have dressers, credenzas, buffets, side tables, desks, benches, and MUCH more!  Stop by tomorrow and take a look around, I bet we have something you "need" :)  If you have any questions you can also leave a message with me (Jamie) today as Frank is taking a little break.  Please leave a message and I will return your call first thing Sunday morning!  You can reach me @ 515-447-7358!

Now for the "Fresh Picked" items!

I will be posting more information tomorrow about these items, when I get to the store! 


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Around the shop...

We want to welcome all of our new followers and remind everyone you can find us on facebook!  Here are the latest photos from around the shop!  Pop on over tomorrow and check it out, we have a lot of great pieces!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Spring!

It is wonderful spring is finally here!  Beautiful mason jars, for beautiful flowers!
Happy Spring!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rain and chipped paint...

Even the rain couldn't keep us away from a "pick" we had scheduled this evening!  I am so glad we made it, we snagged some really great items.  Some of the items are ideal for photo shoots in my opinion.  I love the color on some of these items and they are one of a kind!  The colors are so bright and cheery, perfect for spring!  Pop on over this week and check out all the new stuff, it just keeps finding it's way in :)

These chairs are FABULOUS!  They are $35each

 Great little custard yellow stool with hints of soft green! $35

 Some of the items we get in our just so beautiful and I love to photograph them... this stool looks good no matter what!   $35

I had a very lovely photo of this OLD coral toolbox, but it didn't turn out :(  This is a pretty good sized box (measurements soon) and there are shots of the inside!
The box on top is an old dynamite crate that is in fabulous condition! 
 Fabulous Vintage Step Stool!  Folds up for easy storage - $42.50

A collection of fabulous finds!

Adorable little garden box! - $17.50
  Another fabulous find, but somehow I missed a full shot! More detailed photos to come - $120

 And that is a wrap!! If you look closely you can see the green table ;)
Have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

OLD doors!

Somehow these missed out on making it to the blog! There are so many projects you can do with old doors, and these are in great shape!  We have a few left, so if you are interested make sure you pop over Sunday and check them out! 

Fresh from a pick!

I had a lot of time off this week for spring break, and I was thrilled to go on a pick with Frank and get some great stuff!  It was fun to have the extra time and be able to take my camera with me this time instead of just my phone.  It always amazes me how much beautiful furniture is out there waiting to be rescued and given new life.  There is always something beautiful hiding at the back of a garage, or basement.  We love to hear from you too, tell us what you are looking for and we can put it on our list when we go out on the hunt! 

Frank does a great job of really looking over the furniture and picking out the best pieces!  Sometimes something looks great, but when you get up close there are a lot of flaws that are difficult to fix.  We want to offer you the BEST we can find. 
Look at all that furniture! :)

The worst words you can hear when you are out hunting furniture, is "that's not for sale."  Even though we got a lot of fabulous pieces, there were several items on this hunt that I really wanted!  This door is the perfect example of what I am talking about... it was gorgeous...old and full of character!  I think I asked at least 6 times how I could get my hands on them...I also left my number with them just in case :)

This gorgeous buffet was just hanging out in the garage for a long time, just waiting for someone to come and rescue it!  This was probably the centerpiece of someones dining room.

When we are out and about we come across all kind of things, and not all of them are vintage.  We like to bring anything to the shop we think our customers would love.  These kitchen benches are perfect for the eat in kitchen, they have storage under the seat.  They are unfinished right now, we know a lot of our customers are creative and like to put their own touches on pieces.  We could also paint them for you to match your space.  There are four of these lovely seats!
Unfinished - $120
Finished - $150 

On this trip we picked up three new desks!  They are all solid wood, two shabby chic white ones and an oak desk with leather on top.  Here is one of the white ones, photos of the other desks will be coming soon!

 Just in time for spring, there are two of these lovely metal garden tables! 

We really loved this chair!  The grey metal is could look fabulous up against a teal or apple green! Perfect height for the kitchen counter!

  If you are looking for that one of a kind piece to add to your home, please stop by our store and take a look! If we don't have exactly what you need, we would be glad to take down your name, number and search for you!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!