Monday, March 19, 2012

Rain and chipped paint...

Even the rain couldn't keep us away from a "pick" we had scheduled this evening!  I am so glad we made it, we snagged some really great items.  Some of the items are ideal for photo shoots in my opinion.  I love the color on some of these items and they are one of a kind!  The colors are so bright and cheery, perfect for spring!  Pop on over this week and check out all the new stuff, it just keeps finding it's way in :)

These chairs are FABULOUS!  They are $35each

 Great little custard yellow stool with hints of soft green! $35

 Some of the items we get in our just so beautiful and I love to photograph them... this stool looks good no matter what!   $35

I had a very lovely photo of this OLD coral toolbox, but it didn't turn out :(  This is a pretty good sized box (measurements soon) and there are shots of the inside!
The box on top is an old dynamite crate that is in fabulous condition! 
 Fabulous Vintage Step Stool!  Folds up for easy storage - $42.50

A collection of fabulous finds!

Adorable little garden box! - $17.50
  Another fabulous find, but somehow I missed a full shot! More detailed photos to come - $120

 And that is a wrap!! If you look closely you can see the green table ;)
Have a great Tuesday!

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