Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fresh PICKED Tuesday!

Fresh Picked

Added some great new items to the store... stop by and take a look

Two Directors chair -  $15 each 

 Vintage Children's Easel -$22

BARE BONES - getting a make over soon!  LOVELY shape

 Three Crates that were used for explosives - $22 ea

Cute little kitchen set - Fisher Price $20

First Act Grand Piano (great little children's piece) $20

Great condition, microwave stand - $35

Keyboards work well - Casio and a Yamaha

Vintage Dishes (goes with picnic basket)

 Vintage Picnic Basket - $40 (includes dishes)

Vintage Table - $35

 Sugar Shaker - $18
Coca Cola

Vintage napkin holder -$18 Coca Cola

Vintage Coca Cola Straw Holder - $28

Vintage Side Table - $22

Sofa Table - $22

A few new angles from the shop!!!!

Stop by the shop, HERB!

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