Friday, August 12, 2011

Have a wonderful weekend!

The weather has been so beautiful lately, love this time of year in Iowa!  Some vintage shots of our shop, we will be opening Sunday @ 10am this weekend!  If you are out and about please stop by the shop and take a look! 

The first photos are a chair we made for a customer, so if you come and see something we could definately give it a revamp for you if you like!

All items are for sale:

Photo - $20
Stand - $18
Red Photo Stand - $15
Vintage Suitcase - $22
Quilt - $50

Chair $22.50
White candle holder to the right - $5

Picnic Basket and Dishes - $40
Crates - $15-22
Coffee Table $22

White Cubby Shelf - $20

Ladder - $15

Chandelier $50  has a light and a spot for candles LOVELY!

 Stereo works well $20

Vintage Pepsi crate - $22  all the little spots where bottles used to be are great, could be used for candles or decorative bottles with flowers shooting out the top!

 These kitchen chairs need a little love, but they have great bones!  $22 EACH

Custom Chair COMPLETE!  Lovely revamp for a customer it is SOLD

You can always stop by the blog to see more items or call Frank @ 202*8336
Have a great weekend!

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