Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekly Finds...

We have added some great new finds to the store!  Come by and take a look.

Great size sign - $22.50

Great Vintage Lamp - $30

Goes GREAT with the Vogue sign!!! :)  Vintage travel suitcase - $24

Red Cookbook holder - $15

Hey wait a minute... I thought that was a cookbook holder?  This stand does double duty as a great photo stand.  Photo - $20         Stand - $15

Side of table

Table Decor - Photo $20
Jars - Large - $12EA
Small -  $7
Globe - $22

Table Base

Large Oval Dining table Wood with a barn red base.  Base of table has castors

Dresser - $35

Wooden Chair 1920-1930's   Des Moines Public School - $35

Details - label on bottom of chair

Details... of chair

Baker's Rack - $65

Unique Box - $15

PROJECT ALERT!  Picked up these great wooden candlesticks, soon to be revamped into modern and vibrant colors!

Stop by or call!!


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