Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to normal...

We hope all of you had a lovely 3 day weekend!  We will be open tomorrow and back on schedule the rest of the week!  If you get a chance stop by, there is ALWAYS something new to see!   These are some vintage items I wanted to share, and they will all be available at the store!

These are so interesting to look at.  They are in great shape and from the 60s!  They make me want to watch Mad Men!

Patterns - $4.50ea

 Very pretty rose tin!  It says it is from Chicago on the side, and looks to be from the 60s as well! 

 Tin - $5.00

There are three of these red ones with the yellow roses, and then several other trays with different patterns.
Vintage Trays - $5.00 ea.

Funky little green footstool with tassels!  It is very cushy!

Footstool - $15

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