Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Morning Monday!

Herb's Salvage
3940 E. 29th St. Unit #1
Des Moines, IA 50317
Phone: 202*8336

Chunky wooden candle sticks NEVER go out of style, we love these brightly colored ones we just got in.  There are many different styles and many different colors!  Our store is FULLY stocked with unique furniture, decor, tools, household items and MUCH more!


Along with the bold colors for candle sticks we also have quite a few baskets in different colors as well

 Wooden Writing Desk $115
 Great round wooden table - $95
 Details on beautiful walnut chairs that go with the table from yesterdays post!
 Cottage Sign - $15
 Vintage Metal Picnic Basket - $15
 Very unique table!  Handmade by a local artist here in Des Moines.  The contrast between the painted wood in metal is fantastic!  I imagine you could use this for MANY different purposes!  I was thinking it would make a great work table in the kitchen, could be an entryway table or for a flat Screen TV stand!

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