Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We have been coming across quite a few vintage pieces!  They have a feeling of nostalgia about them that we love.  We have been getting some pretty unique items in as well, and they are going fast.  If you are interested in something you see on the blog call right away or stop by our shop! 

Herb's Salvage
3940 E. 29th St. Unit #1
Des Moines, IA 50317

HOURS - Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
                                Sunday -10:00am to 5:00pm 

Phone: 202*8336

And now onto the GOODS!!!!  Very excited about some of these items!  I have a few photos I took with my phone of new items just in this evening that I will update to this post later.

Antique Rocking Chair - $95

Bud Vase - $10
This is a little project I worked on last night.  I recently have been loving anything in print that is vintage.  I have purchases several Life Magazines from the 40s, a few woman's magazine from the 60s and then a whole bag of newspapers from the day before and of the Kennedy assassination .  I love them because they are local from here in Des Moines. They have all kind of listings for old movies showings and events around the area!

 Vintage Newspaper Art - $10
This is one of the listings I particularly loved! More to come!

Vintage Camera - $20

 Cigar Boxes - $5

Handmade Benches
This one is sold, but I wanted to post a photo of one that was made so you could get an idea of what they are.  We are in the process of making more, they are all DIFFERENT.  They are created from a headboard and a foot board, and you can have one made in any color you like.  Just remember if it isn't built yet there could be a little bit of a waiting time, but not a huge amount of time.


 Table $85
Chairs $50 each
Great idea to group mismatched chairs together around a table! 

Welcome to HERBS!!!

Great little storage Jar - $3.50

Unique Child Rocker - $60

 Plant Stand - $50
This is handmade by a local craftsman here in the area.  It could be used as a plant stand but also many other things.  I could imagine putting a big stack of books on top...Chunky Candles...A little photo arrangement!  Possibilities are endless!

Vintage Platter-$15

Wooden Child Rocker - $45

 Vintage Ceramic Head - $15

 Vintage Brownie #2 - $20

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