Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fresh Picked Vintage Furniture and more...

This is the BEAUTIFUL 1930s Buffet I have been dying to show you!  It is pretty large, and full of storage.
What I love about it, is the design!  You can see that adding modern items such as the bright candle sticks look perfectly at home.  It could really adapt to many different decorating styles.

Buffet - $250

 We have quite a few dressers in the shop now, this one is ready for you to paint and put your own stamp on it! 
Dresser - $45

 Unique wooden dresser - $85

This is a fun little item we picked up at a garage sale  today! It isn't really old but has a great design to it!  We have been looking for a radio for the store that fit right in, and this one does the trickThis one isn't for sale, we will be keeping it around the store so we have good tunes.  You have to have something to listen to while you are painting, and being creative right?

Cute little bottles

Yellow Crate - $22
Metal Cart - $18.50

Nice clean and cozy recliner - $65

 Hanging Candle Sticks - $12.50 each

Vintage Sled - $25
 Vintage Sled #2  $25
 Old serving tray - $22

White Tall Dresser - $85
 Unique Tree Light - $22.50

Closer shot of wall sconce - $12.50

Teal wicker laundry hamper $28
Vintage wicker chair - $22.50

 Wall decor -$18.50

Project Coffee Side Table - $18.50

Come on over and say HELLO!!!!

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