Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vintage October...

 Happy Fall Everyone! 
These are some photos I snapped at the Center Grove Apple Orchard~
I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful season to the fullest!

Vintage - All items are available to purchase, please call for pricing 
                       and information. 202*8336
 This is a lovely little dresser, it is low to the ground and could be used in a kid's room.  I was thinking it would be the perfect spot to stash away dress up clothes, crafts or board games!  Could be a pretty great coffee table too.  


Vintage tray on a painted blue crate as a coffee table. 

Feature wall, empty frames grouped together create the perfect spot for kids art, snapshots, and anything else you can think of to put in them!

Shiny Red Bookshelf

Vintage kids seat
Fabulous Oval Mirror 

Avocado Gree Side Table

Vintage Suitcases

Lovely Curved Foot Board - This is an interesting item we found recently.  It is the only part of the bed they had, but it was in great condition and the details are gorgeous!  Just to show it could be used in an interesting way I leaned some photos up against the back and candle sticks.  But it could be styled to fit the decor of your home.  If someone is REALLY handy it could be the beginning of a great bench ;)

Empty Frames - The cool thing about putting an empty frame on your wall is you can not only add photos, but three dimensional as well.  

Happy Decorating~

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