Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vintage Furniture - FULLY STOCKED!

Welcome to Herb's Salvage!!  If this is your first time stopping by, take a minute to like our Facebook page.  We share quite a bit of information to our followers and keep everyone updated on our "Fresh Picks".  
To keep our store fully stocked, Herb's will be closed on Mondays from now on.  Frank will be scouting out more vintage furniture for the shop on those days!  As always if you cannot make it to our store within the normal business hours we do schedule appointments. You can call Frank for more information about this...

Now onto the VINTAGE GOODNESS!! Our store is packed full of very unique items right now.  We have dressers, vanities, trunks and much more. 

This is a bench made from a Full headboard and footboard!  It measures 59  inches long and 19 inches deep.  It is the biggest one we have had in our store and it could be finished in a variety of ways.

 This is a gorgeous buffet!!  It was in a family and had been passed down three generations.  It was very well taken care of.

 This dresser was from the same home as the buffet and full of beautiful details. 

 Very unique creamy white desk.
 Iron bench

 Vintage steamer trunk with beautiful details all over.

 This cabinet was salvaged by a family from a Wisconsin Post Office.  It still has the original molding on the top where it was built into the wall.  This is a pretty large piece and has fabulous storage inside!

 Teal and white wicker bedroom set.  Each sold individually and all in great shape

We have all kinds of vintage decor for your home

Stool that transforms into an ironing board!  CLEVER
 This is a great vanity!  It is really old and has wonderul details!

We have several trunks in the shop right now, all very unique and all photograph really well!! I am going to let the rest of the photos speak for themselves! 

We hope you can make it out on Sunday to see all of these items in person! 
Enjoy your weekend!

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