Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beautiful Photography...

I love connecting with people, and recently that seems to be happening at light speed!  It is really amazing how you can connect with people via social networking!  It is the new way to meet people, it sounds a little lame I know.  There are so many outlets out there to connect with people, and social networking is POWERFUL!  I have met some really fantastic people lately without ever laying eyes on them :)  All that being said, I love showcasing items that have been sold.  This bike was around for awhile, and I was beginning to think nobody loved it like I did!  I posted this bike on a lovely little site that supports COMMUNITY above all and BAM someone connected! I love to mingle with other photographers too, it is fabulous to see all the creativity out there.  And look at THIS bike, has it ever looked so good???  

Here is the bike in the shop....

And here is the bike looking lovelier than ever, and VERY artistic!  If you get a chance check out Megan's Facebook page  -  
There is nothing better than seeing the items you love find homes with people who love them just as much!!

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  1. Thanks Jamie!! I appreciate the kind words and the post! It was great meeting you too via social networking! :) I LOVE this bike!! Thanks again!!