Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vintage furniture, and new ideas!

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Herb's Salvage

I am going to try to start posting all the fabulous ideas I find that you could do with all the lovey things at Herb's Salvage!  First off I found this amazing photo of a garden full of drawers!  We have several drawers as well as small wooden boxes that would make amazing planters!

This is a fabulous idea for old drawers from!  We have some old drawers that would be perfect for a project like this!!  We also have quite a few small boxes that would make VERY LOVELY planters!

Here is another fabulous example of using something different to plant a little herb garden! Also from Apartment Therapy!

This could be an adorable herb garden!  It is a lovey dresser come and take a look :)

 Sticking with the garden them check out this great idea for old tins!  We have a whole stash of old tins just waiting for something like this! Another great idea from Apartment Therapy!


This small blue tin would look lovely with a basil plant growing inside!!

Old milk bottles make perfect vases, you can pair them up with other types of bottles and voila you have a beautiful table arrangement! 

 beach cottage vintage bottles
Herb's has quite a few small bottles like this, here are two old milk bottles to get you started!

This is a great little breakfast nook from Better Homes and Garden!  This little table and chairs could be painted to be just as adorable and chic for your own little breakfast nook!

Chic Breakfast Nook

Sold wood chairs and tables, are perfect for repainting. The seats remove for an easy change out of fabric.
 Here are a few other new items in our shop! If we don't have what you are looking for, we will always go on a treasure hunt for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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