Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fresh PICKED Herbs...

So many new things to report!   We have quite a few unique items that we haven't had in our store before and we are excited to share them with you.

Old Large Wooden Bobbins - $15 Ea

 Great Vintage Bucket - $15


Lime Green frame chalkboard - $45
Old Wooden Window Frame - $22

View of several different items.

Vintage Toaster - $30
Vintage Dresser - $85

 We have several vintage dressers in our shop right now... so if you need a dresser stop on by!

Unique wall hanging - $22.50

 Adorable Ice Cream Parlor Chairs - $28.50 Each (we have two)

Herb has been working hard on several handmade benches.  These are made from an old headboard and footboard.  This one is in progress, and already sold.  But if you are interested in a unique bench we are the place to come!  They are all completely different, stop by and take a look!

Lovely milk glass bottle - $ 20

Vintage Prince Albert Tin - $12.50

Vintage Radio Flyer Wagon - $35

Vintage Round Coffee Table - $22.50

We have this rug on consignment, great vintage tapestry from the 70s.  Come on in and take a look at it!

 Something I am excited about are these hat pins.  We have quite a few of these little beauties!  They are individually priced so if you are interested come in and take a look!


I have found that the hat pins make LOVELY hair pins!    

Vintage Metal Tea Tin - $6

Vintage Toaster - $27.50

 Great Vintage Chair - $ 25

Old Wooden Window - $22.50

Wire Baskets - $28.50

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