Sunday, August 28, 2011

 We have quite a few projects in the works over at Herb's Salvage.  This pumpkin orange chair is going to be GREAT for fall!!  

 Pumpkin Orange Chair - $50

This is a smaller plate even though it looks large in the photo  - $8

Two lovely little Milk Glass vases - 
Decorative one with flowers - $8.50
Plain one - $4.50

 Solid Vintage Ironing Board LEFT - $20
Vintage Iron Board needs work - RIGHT - $10

Great pink side table - (in progress)

Vintage blue side table - $28.50

Old wooden and metal pulleys 
we have two of these.  $35 ea

The pulleys are so interesting to look at, and could be used in a lot of different ways possibly to hold a light over a dining table.

We will be making our weekly stop to the auction tomorrow evening, and of course we are open Monday 9-5


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