Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coming soon...

There are always projects in the works, and I am going to highlight a couple here that will be available soon!  But first I wanted to share a little personal project I am working on, in mid process but it is so easy!  I found an vintage crib at the thrift store, discarded the rails and hardware and painted front and back.  It will eventually have hinges and the middle rectangle will be a chalkboard!  I am excited to put this outside our door to let you know what is new, or things that will be coming soon.  Photos of finished product soon.  This one isn't for sale, but I am on the lookout for more of these to make!

Another project in the works is this good sized lamp!  Very chunky solid wood!  It will be available soon!


We have been scouting the area for dressers, and have a few coming our way!  The one below is available now in the shop for $170!  It is in great shape, and one of the nicer ones we have come across so far!  The photo is straight off the truck, FRESH picked!  SO more detailed photos to follow!

And last but not least this beauty will be turned into a bench.  It will be a robin egg blue, with a distressed texture when it is complete. 
$85.50 (photo of finished project to follow)

 But wait!  There is more...

New items just arrived this evening to our store, and will be available for you tomorrow!  No pics yet, but they will be up soon.  Just a little reminder when get items in, we leave some of them untouched and ready for you to put your stamp on!  But eventually they will get a makeover!

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