Thursday, September 8, 2011


Some exciting new items to share, and some updates!  I was sad not to be able to work on my projects I posted from yesterday, but tomorrow is Friday and the weekend will be a great opportunity to wrap them all up.  So the bench, and lamp will be available soon.

IT is nice to meet all of you!  I am the lady that snaps the photos!

Love this little basket!  

Ladder Back Chair - $28.50

Great Lamp! There are 2 

Funky Office Chair - $28.50

Vintage mirror!  This will soon be turned into a chalkboard! But... for now... $35

You might recognize this as a vent for a house!  It is just lovely painted red with vintage photos attached by clothespins!!!  


 Vintage Metal Tin - $10

Marble Top Table - $25

Great Necklace - $15

Vintage Black Necklace - $15

Vintage Butterfly Pin - $15

Vintage Faux Pearl Necklace $12.50

 Seat is great!  Wood is a nice dark wood color!  

This is a great wooden table, it has rounded corners PERFECT for a kid's room, or family room.  Project Alert!  This will stay like this for a few days then get a makeover.  If you like to do projects yourself this one is perfect for a kids chalkboard table!

Black Flower Necklace - $12.50

As always we are open 10-5 on Sundays!  Stop by and say hello!

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