Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is here...

I am not used to the days getting shorter, and the light going away so fast in the evenings!  But I did manage to steal these few photos before the light was completely gone this evening!  We did snag some great items for the shop, and one item I LOVE that is an antique! A dresser with a mirror that is really beautiful... this one isn't a project at all.  We are going to clean it up, and keep it the beautiful wood that it is!  I also found some fabric that I am SO excited about, and can't wait to use it on a project!!!

We would love to get all of you involved in the blog by sending us photos your finds at Herb's Salvage and how you use them in your home!!  And we will do a weekly feature on the blog! Thank you to all who support the blog and our little store it means so much to us! 

Fabulous Antique Dresser!  Beautiful old dresser, can't wait to clean it all up!

Antique Dresser - $300 (come and take a look, this needs a home it is very lovely!!)

And now to the goods!  I will be updating these items with more detailed photos tomorrow evening!

Wooden Bench - $115 (solid wood, and seat opens up for storage!)

Sofa Table - $95  (solid wood sofa table - this will be painted soon, so if you like it unpainted please pop by and take a look at it!)
Framed Boomberry Prints - $12.50 
Plant Stand - $50 This has been featured on the blog before, but there are so many things you can do with this little stand.  I am hoping to take some of my vintage books to pile on top and photograph, or a cluster of chunky candles.

 Beautiful Fabric - I can't wait to use this fabric for a project, we have quite a few chairs waiting to get a makeover!

  Happy Monday!

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