Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fabulous Furniture!

The store is packed full of fabulous finds, stop over if you get a chance and take a look!  I have some fun photos to share today, and some up close shots of items we have.  Let's just cut right to the chase :)

As a photographer from time to time we get something that I just know will photograph fabulously!  Behold this trunk!  I shot a few fun photos of my daughter, niece and nephew in the store today! 

This is the beautiful old dresser I was blogging about yesterday!  Great curves on this one :)

Another great dresser lots of storage!!  

Old Tea Cart, we have repainted!!!  Would look great in the kitchen!!

 JELLO MOLDS!  We have quite a few of these if you are looking for them!

I think it is interesting to look through vintage cookbooks!  SO We have these two that are full of good advice!

 Great Pepsi crate!

Great antique stool!!


Wooden shelf!

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