Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fresh Picked Wednesday!

For the "Fresh Picked" items, they are straight off the truck!  I know we have a lot of followers that like to do their own projects so I like to feature them no matter how beat up they are!  So if you are into projects this post is for you! We will clean them up and leave them in project status for a few days only!  So if you are interested send us a message or call right away before they get painted! 

Here we go!

First off, we just got this paint today to try!  A client told us how wonderful it is, so we really can't wait to try it!  I will post some before and after shots!!  Can't wait to see the results!

Vintage Wooden Desk - $70

I am thinking this chair is for a garden, or possible front porch with a big potted plant sunk down in the middle where the seat was.  It is a great looking chair, but is it need of Major TLC!  We suspect the chair has some age to it as well.

Garden Chair - $22.50

The Seat isn't usable, but past the torn up part is a sturdy wooden frame where you can plop that potted plant!

 Lots of goodies!

Great little wooden shelf - $25
 This wicker desk needs a little TLC on the drawer, but overall is pretty sturdy!  It is really charming

 Two matching tables a larger and medium sized one.

Large - $38
Medium - $30

This is a unique table, the story we were told is it is from around WWI - Either way is a great table!!
This shelf has a GREAT Shape to it!  It will need sanded and repainted but LOVELY!!


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