Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fresh Picked...

We have a few items to add to the blog, and will be adding some pretty fantastic pieces to the list tomorrow as well.  We want to thank all of you that follow our blog, and give us feedback we are very grateful!!!

"Real Life" I wanted to take a minute to share what people are doing with their finds from Herb's salvage!  It is wonderful to see the item you bought at our little store in your cozy homes!  This is a white bookshelf that we had, and I think it looks fabulous piled up with Little Golden Books, puzzles, and favorite toys! Thanks guys

You may remember this gorgeous Library table we had in our store awhile back.  This couple cut the legs down to make a spectacular coffee table!  I like how they kept the original number that was painted on the corner! Keep the photos coming.  You can email them to frankrobin1952@gmail.com  or gonk@mchsi.com, and I will post them in the "Real Life" section!!

 "Fresh Picked"


Come on over and check it out!

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  1. so many awesome finds!! will have to come check it out!!!