Monday, January 23, 2012

Herb's Salvage - Vintage Furniture

Sunday we spent the day organizing a arranging some furniture in the store.  One of the best parts of my job at Herb's is to come in and create cozy spaces inside the store. There are so many items I love in the store and honestly this gives me a chance to work with them and get it out of my system so I don't have to take them home ;)
When I am not at Herb's I work at a childcare center as a Preschool Teacher.  I am blessed to work at a place that is child & family centered.  At the center where I work environments are a focus when setting up the classrooms.  The way a space makes you feel can determine if you will feel comfortable and thrive there.  I try to create an environment that reflects the children and learning that happens.  In the classroom there are many different "learning areas" and I am loving that idea for my home in a way.  Two spaces that I gravitate to right away when I am there are ART/CREATIVE EXPRESSION & READING NOOK.  I think finding pieces of furniture you love and creating "zones" in your house could be fabulous.  Why not have a reading nook in  your house, or a creative expression/art area?   Every home needs a little creativity and whimsy right?

Now for some photos of our space at Herb's Salvage!  Taking the pieces of furniture that have been rescued and salvaged then mixing them all together to create something cohesive is one of my favorite things to do.  We have also created an idea nook and will be expanding on this idea in the future.  Right now we have a little space full of home design magazines at one of our vintage tables to help generate ideas!  Sometimes the items we get are perfect for a project and browsing through a magazine might just spark an idea.

 And here is our little Idea Nook!  I am sure it will change and evolve over time...

This is something really cute, it is a vintage stole!  It just wraps over your shoulders with slits for your arms if you want to.  It looks pretty cute on and is in great shape!
Love to use unique items for display and in unusual ways...

These are my own person vintage cameras that I have been collecting over time.  I wanted to show you how beautiful they can be, and they look wonderful on a bookshelf.  We are on the lookout for them and hope to have some for sale soon!  I have several more that I love and will post photos of them soon.  What do you like to collect?

Happy Monday

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