Sunday, January 8, 2012

Personal...Vintage Photos...

As a photographer I really enjoy looking at photos, and especially old ones.  The poise, and classic feel of the photos always capture my imagination.  I also love looking at vintage magazines, newspapers, and most vintage paper goods.  The advertisements in the magazines take you back to a different time, it is like a little slice of history... a snapshot.

But first a few things around my house, love to start my day with coffee!  I think about cutting it out, but it is so good. :)

A cute little vintage camera we have that my daughter likes to play with, I love the way a classic Polaroid camera looks!

I acquired these particular photos at an auction, they belonged to someone local.  My husband and I spent some time looking at them one Saturday night, and were intrigued by them.  They are a collection of high school photographs from the 50s.  I love what people wrote on the back of some of them and a story starts to emerge about who collected all these photos and the people in them


We believe this to be Bob!  The guy with the Hot 49' Ford...

 These are some shots of a few magazines I have been collecting and reading through.  If you ever get a chance to browse through old magazines it is well worth your time.  Very interesting.

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Wow those pictures were great! I love the one from mind was putting things the start of a great movie!